Educational Research

There are many high quality sites and organisations that undertake and promote educational research. This page focuses on educational research on rural education and/or distance education.

Importance of Educational Research

  • promotes problem-solving and leadership skills;
  • provides baseline data that can be used for planning;
  • enhances the continuous professional growth of teachers;
  • develops scientific attitudes of objectivity, curiosity and critical outlook;
  • leads to improvement in teaching and learning.

Professional Resources

Rural implications of Smarter Schools National Partnerships

The aim of National partnerships projects as well all know is to promote a shared knowledge across Australia of best practice and innovative strategies and to provide recommendations for effective reform and processes to move forward at a national level. Two reform areas with a heightened relevance to NSW rural education are: ‘Extended Service School Models‘ and Innovative Strategies for Small and/or Remote Schools‘  See documents for download in the File attachments area.

Renewing rural & regional teacher education curriculum

This resource is designed for all teacher educators. It has been developed to support teacher educators to prepare future graduates for the challenges and opportunities of teaching in rural/regional communities.

Blended, Online Learning and Distance Education research bank

The research bank contains details of books, articles, conference papers and reports on various aspects of distance and online education, from publishers in Australia and overseas. Material is drawn from the Australian Education Index, produced by Cunningham Library, with additional material sourced from a variety of international organisations and publishers. There are currently 9063 records in the research bank.


  • Distance Education is a peer-reviewed international journal. It publishes research and scholarly material in the fields ofdistance, open and flexible educationDistance Education was one of the first journals published to focus exclusively on this area of educational practice and today it remains a primary source of original and scholarly work in the field for practitioners, teachers and students. Distance Education is owned by the Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia, Inc.
  • International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning is a refereed, open access e-journal that disseminates original research, theory, and best practice in open and distance learning worldwide. IRRODL is available free-of-charge to anyone with access to the Internet.
  • Rural Society – An Australian based international, peer reviewed academic journal which focuses on rural social research of interest and relating to rural communities & societies. Areas of focus include: art, commerce, crime, culture, demography, education, ecology, environments & sustainability, ethnicity, physical & mental health & healthcare, gender, globalization, government (local, regional & federal), lifestyles, media, planning, policy & politics, science & technology, social change & problems, social work & welfare, tourism, water & natural resources management.


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