Presenter handouts

Below is a list of presenter handouts and links from the conference. This list will be updated as new material is submitted.

2017 Conference

  1. Conference Program in DOCX, EPUB or PDF.
  2. Collaborative Projects in a Virtual World – Carolyn McMurtrie and Sandra Chapman (Aurora College)
  3. A Community of Practice in Action – Karen Baird & Cathy Campbell (Lismore Office)
  4. Digital Inclusion – Greg Alchin
  5. Digital Literacy in the Science classroom Fiona Boneham (Aurora College)
  6. Environmental and Zoo Education Centres – Vicky Whitehead (Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre)
  7. Future Focused Role of Teacher Librarians – Colleen Blancato (Learning and Business Systems Directorate)
  8. Hands on STEM Activites – Matt Scott (Canobolas HS)
  9. Hastings Flexible Learning Opportunities – Kylee Owens (Hastings Secondary College)
  10. Leading Effective Programming in a small school – Kirrilee Post (Collingullie)
  11. Planning and Implementation of SWAY at GHPS –
  12. Teaching and learning about sustainability – Vicky Whitehead (Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre)
  13. What is the Future of Windmills? – Phil Brown, Country Education Partnerships

2016 Conference Snippets

2016 Keynote Dan Haesler on growth mindsets (Sound kicks in at 1 minute 35 seconds.)

  1. Authentic Tasks will promote student engagement and motivation. | Dr Peter Morrissey
  2. Growth Mindsets resources | Dan Haesler
  3. TAS Update | Dan Rytmeister
  4. Tipping Points to Higher Education for NSW Rural and Remote Students | Mandy McConnell
  5. Universal Design for Learning – Greg Alchin
  6. What’s the Flippin’ Fuss? | Allan Carrington
  7. Virtual Collaborations in English | Sandra Chapman
  8.  Virtual Education in the Dungog Community | Gillian Manning
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