Process to establish an alternative education program to engage young people with complex educational support needs in distance education

  1. Identify need: young people in community dis-engaged or at risk of disengaging from school
  2. Gather community support
  3. Identify partners and confirm their commitment
  4. Identify resources required/available and obtain commitment through written agreement
  5. Engage passionate staff
  6. Plan the program and undertake risk assessments
  7. Develop educational processes and documents – enrolment criteria and process, assessment and review, academic reporting
  8. Develop governance processes and document – roles and responsibilities, including the Communication strategy
  9. Develop operational policy and procedures, document roles and responsibilities, risk assessments, entrance criteria, enrolment processes, attendance/exclusion and daily operational procedures, reporting, and emergency procedures
  10. Identify program evaluation process and establish data collection processes
  11. Evaluate the program, review program sustainability and provide report to Partnership Group, the local community, School Directorate, Rural and Distance Education.
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