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Material design icons

Published on: Author: Greg Alchin

Research highlights that utilising a common and consistent set of icons within digital learning materials helps to anchor a users thinking and decreases unnecessary cognitive load. Material design system icons are simple, modern, friendly, and sometimes quirky. Each icon is created using our design guidelines to depict in simple and minimal forms the universal concepts… Continue Reading Material design icons

Inclusive Art

Published on: Author: Greg Alchin

Our sensory capabilities defines how we perceive the world around us. Irrespective of our sensory abilities we all have a desire to create meaning of the world around us. Mainstream technology is having a very positive impact on how we gain or express meaning through art.  It is also transforming the creation of accessible materials in education. From using 3d printers… Continue Reading Inclusive Art

Thinking tools

Published on: Author: Greg Alchin

Design thinking is not rocket science, but when a school is trying to bring a focused approach to thinking differently, it helps for people to have a common set of tools and language on which to distill what may at first appear to be disparate and complex concepts into clarity. For many years the CAP… Continue Reading Thinking tools