Forget generation x, y, z… …its generation personal!

Published on: Author: Greg Alchin

Everyone personalises their driving position. When you get into a car, you personalise the seat, steering wheel, mirrors and music. You personalise to make driving safer, more sustainable and engaging for you. The car manufacturers do not create ‘differentiated’ vehicles, rather than design in the flexibility to enable personalisation. So how do we design in flexibility into our learning materials and systems so that the learner can personalise the resources to suit their needs. In other words, how do we ensure that all learners without exception are able to engage and participate on the same basis in our digital learning space? The answer lies in the intentional design or selection of digital resources as well as learning systems that enable any learner to:

  1. Perceive, understand, and control the content and activities to accomplish their educational goals.
  2. Focus on the content and tasks rather than decoding how to navigate or control the resource or system.

RDE staff member, Greg Alchin presented a workshop at AADES 2015 on this topic. Participants learnt simple proven digital learning design strategies to ensure that any learner (with or without a disability) can:

  • access information
  • process meaning
  • express understanding

Download Greg’s presentation

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