Parking Lot

Published on: Author: Greg Alchin

Parking lotWhat is it?

The Parking Lot, created by David Langford, is a place for students to make comments for improvement, concerns, questions or insights. It can be used as an individual tool or as a tool in which the whole group can engage, particularly when questions, ideas and comments emerge during a lesson and could be addressed later.

What aspects of learning are being supported?

  1. Bloom’s Taxonomy: remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, creating
  2. QT – Intellectual Quality: Deep Knowledge, Deep Understanding, Higher-Order Thinking, Metalanguage, Substantive Communication
  3. QT – Quality Learning Environment: Explicit Quality Criteria, Engagement, High Expectations, Social Support, Students Self-Regulation, Student Direction

Which apps could I use?

  1. DEC managed collaborative tools (via Portal): Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Connect.
  2. Related collaborative tools: EvernoteiCloudBaiBoardNote AnytimeWeb2AccessCool Tools for Schools, and Exploratree.
  3. Analogue collaborative tools: Paper, pens and Postit notes.

How do I use it?

  1. Create a page which is divided into four quadrants with the heading Positives, Improvements, Questions and Ideas.
  2. Students make comments in the quadrants as they emerge.
  3. Teacher responds to the comments at the end of the lesson.
  4. The process can be used for each lesson or project.

Some examples

Can be used during meetings and lessons to generate feedback, study critical issues, garner information and create a collaborative environment.

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