Interpretation Key

Published on: Author: Greg Alchin

Think outside the boxWhat is it?

The Interpretation Key, is a higher order thinking tool, that provides a scaffold for creative thinking and the ability for the student to consider a wide range of consequences. It allows the student/s to describe an unusual situation and then think of different explanations for the existence of that situation.

What aspects of learning are being supported?

  1. Bloom’s Taxonomy: remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, creating
  2. QT – Intellectual Quality: Deep Knowledge, Deep Understanding, Higher-Order Thinking, Metalanguage, Substantive Communication
  3. QT – Quality Learning Environment: Explicit Quality Criteria, Engagement, High Expectations, Social Support, Students Self-Regulation, Student Direction

Which apps could I use?

  1. DEC managed collaborative tools (via Portal): Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Connect.
  2. Related collaborative tools: EvernoteiCloudBaiBoardNote AnytimeWeb2AccessCool Tools for Schools, and Exploratree.
  3. Analogue collaborative tools: Paper, pens and Postit notes.

How do I use it?

  1. Provide the students with a higher order thinking task and/or the “big question”. eg: Your neighbour is making large circles in his backyard by pouring sump oil from a can. Some Explanations:
    1. He is a disguised alien and is sending cryptic messages to his friends in outer space.
    2. He considers himself to be another Pro Hart, and he will soon be rolling around in the grass, attempting to create an environmental masterpiece.
    3. He has had a fixation for circles since his childhood.

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