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RDE news

Finley High School students during their pitch day.

Young Change Agents Rural Schools Project – Finley High School and Deniliquin High School

Rural and Distance Education, along with Senior Pathways, have joined the Young Change Agents organisation to deliver their entrepreneurial learning program to Year 7 to 10 students in select high schools across NSW. Last week, the program visited Finley High School and Deniliquin High School.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the program seeks to help students connect with issues in their local community and develop a project to address these concerns. Key skills learnt included:

  • brainstorming the needs, considerations and concerns related to their chosen problem
  • assessing the root causes of their issue and how it impacts on different social groups
  • developing a business case to solve the problem in their community
  • considering prototypes for their chosen solution and identifying community stakeholders to support their idea
  • pitching their idea to a local audience consisting of students, teachers and the local community.The picture below shows the proud students of Finley High School during their pitch day (Day 3) of the program. Well done to all teams involved, including the teachers at both schools!
  • Overall, students at both schools revealed their creativity and social awareness for issues that go beyond the classroom and impact different groups in their local community.

Our school has completed its first Project Based Learning Camp (week 6) and this link provides an overview of all the wonderful events that took place.

Dubbo SODE – Inaugural PBL Camp

Dubbo SODE PBL students working on their PBL project.

During Week 6, Term 3, the first inaugural PBL camp was held at Dubbo School of Distance Education. Ten students from Year 8 and 9 came together to collaborate, communicate, problem solve and create using information technology.

Michelle Sullivan, Dubbo SODE Stage 4 -5 PBL coordinator created this link which provides an overview of all the wonderful events that took place.​.

For more information, please contact Kelly Pfeiffer, Head Teacher Teaching and Learning (Futures Learning) on 5804 7140.

DE Leaders meeting

The DE Leaders, principals, duties and assistant principals and Rural and Distance Education staff, met at the NSW School of Languages for their regular term 3 meeting. The agenda covered items related to learning materials and resources, school and RDE reports, department and systems updates and a tour of NSWSOL.

Our thanks to Hilary Hughes and her staff at NSWSOL for organising and hosting the worthwhile and productive meeting.


DE Collegial Network updates

Science DE Collegial network update

Nineteen science teachers across the distance education schools attended a DE Symposium professional learning session on Depth Study conducted by Taronga Zoo and DET Science Advisor.

Writing teams are working on creating learning materials for Year 12 Science subjects to be implemented from T4 2018.

Please contact network coordinator, Meraj Quamaruddin on 02 6210 5200.

English DE Collegial network progress

The English Network has completed Year 11 programs and implemented the new Stage 6 Year 11 courses. They are currently working on developing the material for the Year 12 courses which will be the focus for the rest of the year and into 2019.

The network members will meet face to face in Sydney in term 4 to collaborate, evaluate and develop goals for 2019 and beyond.

For more information please conatct network coordinator Leanne Wynne at Dubbo SODE on 02 5804 7000.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) network update

This newly formed network met face to face for the first time at the DE symposium. There is now a community of staff who are running each schools LMS who are open to sharing resources and expertise. The network members have agreed to share resources in a common space for easy access.

The four schools that use Canvas as an LMS will be meeting at Canvas head office on Monday 10 September and will attend the CanvasCon conference on Tuesday 11. This time together will provide another opportunity to share resources, procedures and experiences in running an LMS.

Jason Ferns, network coordinator can be contacted at Southern Cross on 02 6681 0300 for more information.

Geography DE Collegial Network news

The Geography DE Collegial Network conducted a session at the DE Symposium where they received professional learning from State Office and the GTA related to the new Australian Curriculum and collaborated on their plan to create new learning materials.

Next network meeting is being held on 15/16 November at Camden Haven HS. It includes fieldwork training for the DE teachers and sharing of new materials written by the network for the new syllabus.

The strategy of meeting in a school to undertake fieldwork has proven to be highly successful for the network and will continue with a rotation around the schools.

Please contact Tiff Cox, network coordinator for more information. Tiff can be contacted t Southern Cross SODe on 02 6681 0300.

Twitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using Twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

International Society for Technology in Education


Universal design for Learning

Common Sense Education


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