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The Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools (AADES) is holding its biennial conference in Hobart next year from 2-3 May. AADES is now calling for workshops and presentations. Applications close on the 2nd October 2018.

It would be great to see NSW representation. Applications to present at the conference must have Principal endorsement prior to submission.

Further information can be accessed here

Next year’s theme is “From the Ends of the Earth to Connected Learners.”

RDE News

DESU Panel Meeting

On August 30 the State DESU panel met in Bathurst at the State Office to determine the outcomes of the applications for student placements. The panel, meet each term to undertake the purpopse of reviewing the applications for placement. The panel, which is led by David McLeod Coordinator RDE,  consists of two officers from RDE (Kimberley Hill, Advisor RDE and Martin Dickens, Officer RDE) a PEO Learning and Wellbeing Coordinators, PEO Psychology Workforce and Sian Watkins, Deputy Principal DESU.

For information about DESU please contact David McLeod, Coordinator RDE, on 02 63348062.

DE Symposium Follow-up

The recently conducted DE Symposium received very favourable feedback from more than fifty percent of the two hundred delegates.

Our thanks and congratulations to the workshop presenters and network coordinators who worked tirelessly leading into the symposium to conduct outstanding sessions. The quality and appreciation was reflected in the delegate feedback  by an average of the satisfaction scale of 4 on a richter scale of 1-5.

A huge “pat on the back” to the symposium planning team who did an exceptional job in coordinating the symposium for their colleagues and for gaining NESA accreditation. Each member of the team undertook specific tasks, as follows:

Danielle Elvy

Danielle Elvy

Sueanne Matthews

Danielle Elvy: NESA Accreditation, MyPL course creator and workshop room manager


Sueanne Matthews: NESA Accreditation, workshop room manager and workshop presenter


Jenny Ballhausen

Jenny Ballhausen

Kelly Pfeiffer

Jenny Balhausen:  Kelly Anne Denton, Keynote Speaker and workshop room manager


Kelly Pfeiffer: Kelly Anne Denton, Keynote Speaker, workshop room manager and workshop presenter


Crystal Stanford

Crystal Stanford

Hedda Whitfield

Crystal Stanford: Gerard Goggin, Keynote Speaker, Logo designer, workshop room manager and workshop presenter

Hedda Whitfield: Gerard Goggin, Keynote Speaker, workshop room manager, workshop presenter and network coordinator


Sharon Hodgson

Martin Dickens

Sharon Hodgson: Symposium Cocoordinator, workshops and network sessions organiser and planning team TShirt creator


Martin Dickens: Registration process, resource mananger and venue organiser


Kym Knight

Kym Knight: Symposium Cocoordinator, workshops and network sessions organiser and venue organiser

Kym has coordinated each of the symposiums since the inaugural symposium in 2012. She said, “It is always a pleasure to work with DE teachers and the RDE staff. I am constantly amazed at the capacity of the teachers to give more and more of themselves to ensure the quality of these events. This planning team was incredible, especially in the way they managed each of their tasks. They certainly made my job easy.”

Kym extends her heart felt thanks to each member of the planning team and the workshop presenters and network session coordinators. They are the reason the symposium is a highlight of distance education teachers professional learning.

Young Change Agents Entrepreneurial Learning Program – Hay War Memorial High School

Students at Hay War Memorial HS working in small groups to debate different ideas and develop their designs..

From the 27 – 28 August, Rural and Distance Education, along with Senior Pathways, worked with the Young Change Agents organisation to introduce the first entrepreneurial learning project for rural communities at Hay War Memorial High School. Involving students from Year 7 -10, pupils at Hay War Memorial High were guided through a process that included identifying community-based needs of the local population to inform a business case design that could address their concerns. During the three day workshop, students and teachers undertook stages of learning that included:

  • brainstorming the needs, considerations and concerns related to their chosen problem
  • assessing the root causes of their issue and how it impacts on different social groups
  • developing a business case to solve the problem in their community
  • considering prototypes for their chosen solution and identifying community stakeholders to support their idea
  • pitching their idea to a local audience consisting of students, teachers and the local community.

As you can see from the picture provided, students were encouraged to debate different ideas and develop their designs in small groups. This led to fantastic initiatives being developed by students at Hay War Memorial High, addressing topics such as local recycling, an app to advertise community-based events and ways to expand access to education for local youth.

We look forward to bringing you further updates on this initiative as it visits both Finley High School and Deniliquin High School in the coming week.


DE School News

Dubbo School of Distance Education school community have contributed and recently voted, and we are excited to say that our new school logo is ready to start being inserted into documents and resources ready for the 2019 school year. The design team have been working collaboratively with the commercial designer who worked with Southern Cross and NSW School of Languages to support the development of a new logo for Dubbo School of Distance Education. We think we now have a design that reveals our future direction as a school.











The essential elements of the “tree” design, demonstrates our educational roles and responsibilities as a whole school community, symbolising strength, support & growth. The tree branches are made up of individuals who need to be connected with each other to form our own school learning community, and to branch out, or extend to become a larger community of lifelong learners and global citizens. The trunk of the tree as the support, rests with school, family, and community (the 3 elements forming the trunk of the tree) working together to support our students. It can also double as representative of the 3 strategic directions in our school plan, relating to the types of learners, teachers, and leaders that we want to develop. We think that it encapsulates our school vision of “Quality learning for our Future” and hope that as time progresses, our school community will embrace what our logo means and symbolises for our present and future students.

NSW School of Languages news

Please enjoy NSWSOL’s Term 3 newsletter. Read lots of news about their  work, study and new school. There’s even a song for you!​ Please see link below.

Dubbo SODE featured in Brekky with a Techie Webcast

Dubbo staff chatting on Brekky with a Techie

DSODE shared their future focussed learning during this T4L broadcast. Click here to view the broadcast.


DE Collegial News

Special Education update

The network is conducting a professional learning video conference session on 12 September with the authors of Empower Me!

Please contact Nancy McAndrew, network coordinator on 66 187 686.

Primary Network update

The Primary network has developed a strategy to engage with the new PDHPE syllabus. They plan to:

  • Have a team of teachers undertake the online training to understand the content of the new syllabus
  • Conduct an audit/review of the current learning materials
  • Work in teams to adjust current learning materials to align them to the new syllabus and create new learning materials
  • Provide peer support to their colleagues in unpacking the syllabus

Please contact the network coordinators for more information.

Kate Murphy, Relieving Assistant Principal, Hay School of the Air, on 02 6993 1882

Julie Baldwin, Assistant Principal Broken Hill SOTA, on 08 8087 3565

Twitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using Twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

International Society for Technology in Education


Universal design for Learning

Common Sense Education


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