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DE Symposium


Date: Thursday 9 and Friday 10 August

Venue: Rydges World Square, Sydney

Audience: Distance Education and Access Program Schools – Executive and teachers P-12

Registration Process

Registration – MyPL: MyPL registration details are RG03539

Registration – Workshops and Network Sessions: A google form link will be provided to individuals after they have registered on MyPL for selection of their workshop and Network Session

NESA Accreditation:The symposium is accredited with NESA for 12 hours at Proficient

Program: 2018 Distance Education Symposium Program and Workshop Synposes is now available.

Keynote presenters information

Kelly-Ann Denton, Chief Visual Officer; Academic National Arts School.

Kelly-Ann Denton

The keynote presentation Kelly-Anne will deliver at the DE Symposium will cover:The Visual Mind

  1. Visual Thinking & Visual Communication
  2. Imagination: (How and where it is located in the brain. Also, how to use it)
  3. Creativity (vs Imagination & Innovation)
  4. Blocks to Imagination and how to see them (How this affects Critical Thinking)
  5. Imagination as a vital skill for teachers due to the unique nature of DE
  7. The Process Driven Teacher vs The Imaginative Teacher (Creative Problem Solving)

Read Kelly-Ann’s biography for more information.

Professor Gerard Goggin, Acting Head of School, Australian Research Council Future and Fellow
Professor of Media and Communications

Professor Goggin

Professor Goggin’s keynote presentation will include:

  • How to understand, frame, and place technology critically and productively in the contemporary mission of distance education
  • a framework for critical assessment of the place of technology in better educational futures
  • ‘‘ways of seeing’ that frame many of the technologies that societies like our own are currently preoccupied with
  • an important area of distance education and technology as a very rich case study
  • rethinking and redesigning communication is at the heart of opening up new approaches, via technology, to collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking

Professor Goggin biography offers more information about his history and presentation.

Planning Team contact details

Please contact any member of the planning team for more information.

  • Kym Knight – DE Symposium Planning Coordinator, RDE State Office, 02 6334 8074
  • Sharon Hodgson – DE Symposium Planning Coordinator, Southern Cross SODE, 66810300
  • Jenny Ballhausen – Dubbo SODE, 02 5804 7000
  • Daniel Elvy – NSW School of Languages, 02 9381 4800
  • Sueanne Matthews – KDEC, 02 6210 5200
  • Crystal Stanford – Peak Hill Central School, 02 6869 1304
  • Martin Dickens – RDE State Office, 02 6334 8184
  • Hedda Whifield, Southern Cross School of Distance Education, 02 6681 0300
  • Kelly Pfeiffer, Dubbo School of Distance Education, 02 5804 7000


Events available @ Connections

Cartooning in the Classroom

Our new provider, TOONWORLD is offering a free introduction for rural and remote schools on 24/25/26 JULY.

Claudio from Toonworld invites you and your kids to come on a journey filled with creativity and challenges where you will meet fun characters and we will design our own wonderful heroes while defending the lands against the Evil Rubbix and his rampaging stickmen army! There are No Erasers! Because there are no mistakes, Erasers are the Enemy! – we give the kids the power to believe their pencils are the “Sword of Destiny” and can defeat the enemy.

Register now! 24/25/26 JULY – LImited sessions


20180724 - New Provider - Free for rural and remote schools - Cartooning in the Classroom - 24 July 2018 - 10:00 - Stream 1Toonworld Pty Ltd - Image 2


Now and Then at Vaucluse House: Butter your Bread


Don’t miss this opportunity for your Stage 1 class to meet with colonial gastronomer Jacqui Newling in the famous 1820s kitchen at Vaucluse House. During the early years of the colony of NSW this historic house was the home of the Wentworth family and their many servants. After checking what’s growing the garden, we will cross to the kitchen to investigate how technologies for preparing food have changed between the 19th century and today. Jacqui will explain how the servants made bread and baked it in the wood-fired oven, before we cross to the dairy to see how they made butter. Finally Jacqui will lead your students step by step through the butter-making process, so they can make their own in the classroom before seeing how good it tastes on a piece of bread.

DE School News

Principal appointment to Finigan SODE – Daniel Rattigan

It is extremely exciting that progress towards the opening of Finigan School of Distance Education is gathering pace, and we see some clear signs that this long-planned project will soon be finished.

A major milestone occurred this term with the appointment of the inaugural principal. I am delighted to be able to advise that Daniel Rattigan has been appointed to this position after the completion of the merit selection process.

Daniel is well known to many of us and has been a highly successful distance education leader and educator at Sydney Distance Education High School who has also served as member of the national executive of Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools for many years.

Daniel is well qualified for this important role with vast experience and deep understanding of the distance education context.

We wish Daniel well in his exciting job as he works to establish the culture of the new school, guides the final stages of the building program and brings the experienced distance education staff at Karabar High School and Queanbeyan Public School together as an integrated Kindergarten to Year 12 school servicing students in the southern areas of NSW.

Finigan SODE building is progressing

Finigan SODE Building Progress

Progress is being made with the building of Finigan SODE. Although the build is a few weeks behind schedule the contractor is hopeful of making up some of that time.

the building progress is creating excitement for the teachers and students who are looking forward to moving into the new school.



Sydney DEHS news

In this edition of Sydney DEHS newsletter you will read articles about:

  • The SDEHS Choir Project
  • Visual Arts Excursion to the Brett Whitely Studio, and
  • Year 11 Design and Technology Excursion

In addition you will also read information about 2018 Writing Competition, HSC Minimum Standard online testing information, Library news, Cyber Safety Update for Parents, Health Myth Busters and SDEHS Learning Hubs.

DE Collegial Network News

DEVAN – Resource Development

With the support of Dubbo SODE Canvas tutor, Toby Butler, a series of  HSC Study resources with 2010-2017 past HSC exam questions set as quizzes for students to attempt have been created. The online course includes marking criteria, feedback, 2013-14 iPad study guide resources and syllabus content summaries.

Please contact Tamara Lawry, DEVAN Network Coordinator, for more information. Tamara can be contacted at Dubbo School of Distance Education, on 58047050.

DE Network Sessions at DE Symposium – Cross Curricula

There will be a number of network sessions at the DE Symposium that will could meet the needs of those teachers attending the symposium who do not wish to attend a curriculum based network.

DEVAN News – DE Symposium session

The DEVAN STEAM network session at the DE Symposium is now open for registration. The STEAM session will be held at MCA and will look at how contemporary artists reference and incorporate  science, technology, maths and engineering into their art investigations and making. There are 15 places available in the session which is on the Thursday afternoon.

This session would also be attractive to teachers from other faculties who may work with you on future PBL. If they don’t belong to a network that is offering a session at the symposium please encourage them to consider attending the STEAM session.

For more information about this network session please refer to page 34 in the DE Symposium program.


GATS DE Collegial Network news – DE Symposium session

If you are attending the DE Symposium and you aren’t a member of a curriculum network you may like to attend the GATS network session. The information presented during this session applies to every KLA and all students.

The GATS network session will provide professional learning delivered by Dr Andrew Martin and GERRIC (Gifted Education Research and Resource Centre).

This session will be a valuable opportunity to work closely with Andrew Martin on your school’s context and how his resources can be incorporated and adapted to faciltate success

Dr Andrew Martin will provide a customised professional learning that will investigate effective pedagogical practices for teachers who use online, virtual modes of delivery to challenge the thinking processes of students who identify as gifted and talented.

GERRIC will provide information and share resources to achieve this objective.

For more information about this network session please refer to page 24 in the DE Symposium program. Alternatively you could ring Hedda Whitfield GATS Collegial Network Coordinator on 02 6681 0300 for more information.

HALT (Highly Accomplished Lead Teacher) DE Collegial Network – DE Symposium Session

The DE HALT network is a newly established network to support teachers working towards higher levels of accreditation within the specific context of a Distance Education setting.

This session at the DE Symposium is appropriate for teachers who are wishing to attain or support teachers aiming for accreditation at higher levels.

Professional learning will be delivered by David Gault, Senior Policy Officer, Teacher Support, Teaching Standards​, NESA, providing the opportunity for teachers to engage with strategies to identify the appropriate level of accreditation, and how to address the observation component of the submission.

Please contact Sueanne Matthews on 02 6210 5200 for more information about this session or refer to page 31 of the DE Symposium program.

Special Education DE Collegial Network – DE Symposium Session

The Special Education DE Collegial Network session will provide participants with the opportunity to share their current practices as well as focus, reflect and collaborate on the teaching and learning requirements for the Australian Curriculum.

Professional learning  related to the new Australian Curriculum will be delievered by personnel from State Office. This will allow participants to engage in a question and answer session, allowing them to address their own individual or school concerns.

Nancy McAndew, Network Coordinator can be contacted on 02 6618 7686  for information or refer to page 26 of the DE Symposium program.


Twitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using Twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

International Society for Technology in Education


Universal design for Learning

Common Sense Education


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