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“You will not grow if you are not willing to change.” – Roger Federer

Distance Education Symposium

Date: Thursday 9 and Friday 10 August

Venue: Rydges World Square, Sydney

Symposium Coordination Progress Update

Logo Competition: Congratulations to Crystal Stanford, Head Teacher Western Access Program, who won the Distance Education logo competition. We hope you like it!

Key Note Speakers: Two key speakers have been contacted to present at the symposium.

Gerard Goggin, ARC Future Fellow and Professor of Media and Communications, Department of Media and Communications at University of Sydney,

Gerard’s research focusses on social, cultural, and political aspects of digital technologies, especially the Internet and mobile media and communication, and disability and accessibility. He has published 20 books and over 170 journal articles and book chapters.

Lee Watanabe Crockett, President Global Digital Citizen Foundation,

Lee offers a real approach to engaging students we teach, and how to incorporate a real life learning and design approach to thinking in a model attractive to those whose grip cannot be prised away from the syllabus.

Workshop EOI’s

Are you interested in conducting a workshop?

Teachers have indicated in their feedback for previous symposiums that the sessions they enjoy and find useful are workshops conducted by their teaching colleagues. Valuing this feedback we would like to provide a number of workshop sessions at this year’s symposium.

Workshop EOI’s are due on the 28 February.

What else to expect in 2018

  • Registration process
  • Further information about the symposium structure
  • Support from schools for a video showcasing an initiative

For more information, please contact any member of the planning team.

  • Kym Knight – DE Symposium Planning Coordinator, RDE State office, 02 6334 8074.
  • Sharon Hodgson – DE Symposium Planning Coordinator, SC SODE, 02 6681 0300.
  • Jenny Ballhausen – Dubbo SODE, 02 5804 7000
  • Daniel Elvy – NSW School of Languages, 02 9381 4800
  • Sueanne Matthews – KDEC, 02 6210 5200
  • Crystal Stanford – Peak Hill Central School, 02 6869 1304

Rural and Distance Education News

Staff Development Day – Rural and Distance Education Team

RDE team celebrating their diversity

During the last day of the school term, members of the RDE team undertook their staff development day that involved an interesting mix of sessions related to both the projects being coordinated by the unit and whole brain thinking. The day included opportunities to share many of the successes the team has had throughout 2017 whilst learning about new software being launched by the Department that will enable improved collaboration and coordination of projects for our rural and distance education schools. As demonstrated in the accompanying picture, the team ended on a high note, with members from the unit reflecting on their learning and establishing goals for the upcoming year.

RDE Staff Updates

The Rural and Distance Education team has begun the year running, with a number of the staff having been back at work since January 6. Staff members are:

  • Mike Tom, Leader RDE
  • David McLeod, Coordinator RDE
  • Gaye Dunshea, Specialist Program Coordinator
  • Liz Brown, Youth at Risk Coordinator
  • Kym Knight, Project Officer
  • Kimberley Hill, Rural and Distance Education Advisor
  • Martin Dickens, Rural and Distance Education Officer
  • Kim Dwyer, Administration Support and Living Away from Home Allowance
  • Kim Price, Administration Support and Living Away from Home Allowance

Appointment of New Staff member – Rural and Distance Education Officer

Congratulations to Martin Dickens, who has been appointed, through the merit selection process, as the Rural and Distance Education Officer. Martin, who relieved in the position in term 4 last year, is excited about his appointment and is looking forward to working more closely with the distance education schools and supporting them in their work with staff, students and communities. Martin appreciates the support he was given last year by the Distance Education principals and staff and is keen to engage more fully in a number of projects that he began in 2017, some of which include:

  •  Supervisors Support Manual: A preliminary draft document has been created which Martin will share with a diverse range of distance education stakeholders across the DE communities for consultation and feedback.
  •  Careers Initiative: This initiative involves supporting clusters of small schools to develop entrepreneurial thinking and relevant Careers’ Programs.
  • STEM Project: This project, has at it’s core, helping teachers to understand and teach the skills for coding.
  • DE Symposium: Martin will support Kym Knight and the DE Symposium Planning team in the organisation and coordination of this year’s DE Symposium.

For more information Martin can be contacted on 63348184.

DE School News

Italian at Camden Haven HS

Studying Italian through distance education since year 10 at Camden HS has been very worthwhile for Max. Read his story at​.

Our congratulations to Max, his Italian teacher and the distance education staff at Camden haven HS.

DE Network News

Distance Education Collegial Networks

At the beginning of this year there are 24 Distance Education Collegial networks. The networks are coordinated by teachers for teachers working in Distance Education and Access Program schools.

Two main aims of the networks are to:

  • collaboratively create and share learning materials
  • provide collegial support to network members

New network members are always welcome.

For more information please contact the DE Networks.

Seeking new network coordinators – History and TAS

Are you interested in being the network coordinator of either the History or TAS Distance Education network? For further information please speak to your principal or contact Kym Knight, Project Officer with RDE, on 63348074.

Thank you to Stephen Clayton and Katie Magriplis

A huge thank you to Katie (ex History DE Collegial Network Coordinator) and Stephen (ex TAS DE Collegial Network Coordinator) for the work they have done in coordinating their networks. They have both accepted new positions leaving vacancies for others to take on the role of network coordinator.

Stephen had been TAS network coordinator for a number of years, successfully keeping the network members engaged and informed about matters pertaining to the subjects within TAS. We thank you Stephen for you enthusiasm and commitment to distance education and the support you offered your colleagues.

Katie took on the position of History network coordinator at the beginning of 2017 knowing that the network would be under great pressure to create learning materials for the new curriculum. Under Katie’s exceptional leadership the network members were able to create a range of learning for the new senior curriculum. Our thanks to Katie for managing this role and for leaving the network well positioned to continue with their writing demands.

We wish Katie and Stephen all the best at their new schools.

The Distance Education HALT network
(Highly Accomplished Lead Teacher)

The Distance Education HALT (Highly Accomplished Lead Teacher) network will provide context specific support in demonstrating achievement of standards through evidence annotation.

The network will develop capacity building and targeted support for teacher applicants seeking accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher.

The network will achieve these aims through:

  • 4 annual VC meetings
  • 1 annual mini conference
  • Establishment of an online forum
  • Targeted professional learning.

VC Meetings for 2018 @2.30pm

VMR: 600852402

TERM ONE – Monday 19 February, 2.30pm
TERM TWO – Wednesday 23 May, 2.30pm
TERM THREE – Monday 13 August, 2.30pm
TERM FOUR – Wednesday 7 November, 2.30pm

For more information please contact DE Halt Network Coordinator, Sueanne Matthews, HT Administration, Karabar Distance Education Centre
P: 62105200


Twitter iconTwitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

International Society for Technology in Education


Universal design for Learning

Common Sense Education


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