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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon


Vale Francis Selby

Francis Selby

It is with profound sadness that I acknowledge the tragic loss of Francis Selby. She collapsed suddenly and did not regain consciousness. Fran died surrounded by her family.

Firstly, as a teacher of Indonesian, then as Head Teacher Enrolments and more recently as Acting Deputy Principal, Francis Selby has been a mainstay of our school for many years and we have been quite shocked and heartbroken by this loss.

We will miss her encyclopaedic knowledge, sharp wit, and intellect, her kindness, resillience and calm, her ability to share her wisdom and expertise, her dependibility and insight. She has been a vital member of our executive team and a deaar friend to many of us.

We have set up a page where you might like to share messgaes, photos and memories of Fran that we can pass on to her family. Click on the link and the plus sign and you can type straight in.

With a heavy heart, Hilary Hughes, Principal.

Distance Education Symposium – 2018

Expression of Interest – Planning Team member

Thank youConsiderable interest was shown by teachers from the access program and distance education schools to assist in the planning of the 2018 DE Symposium. A huge thank you from the RDE team!

Applicants will be notified ASAP of the outcome of their EOI application. Once the planning team is in place they will meet with members of the RDE team to begin the symposium planning and coordination.

Stay tuned for regular updates about the symposium planning, structure and content.

For further information contact  Kym Knight by email or 0263348074.

Access Program School News

The Access Program supports five clusters of rural schools to assist them to provide a shared delivery of stage six curriculums through  clustering and the use of communications technologies enabling the students to complete their senior years within their own town.These schools are linked via video conferencing and collaborative technologies, allowing small cohorts of students to connect and interact with each other, working together with their teacher.

All Access clusters within the program are guided by a focus on supporting students, schools and communities to develop strategies to enhance:

  • Curriculum – to provide isolated students with access to a wider range of specialist teachers, curriculum materials, learning experiences and sources of knowledge.
  • Peer Interaction – to provide more direct and timely opportunities to engage with peers in collaborative learning.
  • Connectedness – to enhance a sense of belonging through interactive and face to face access to information sources, educational and community services and individual connections.

Each cluster of schools has a head teacher responsible for Access.

Great things happening for students – Wilvandee Access Program

Great things are happening for senior students participating in the Wilvandee Access Program (Wilcannia CS, Menindee CS and Ivanhoe CS) with a number of students sitting for the HSC Indigenous language couse which was introduced for the first time in 2016.

Students and community members are excited the students can now study their language and see this as one way of keeping the language alive in their communities.

ABC Hack published a video of a couple of students and community members talking about the new Barkenji Language course.

For more information please contact Adam Bailey, relieving Head Teacher, Wivandee Access Program.

Introducing Head Teacher Western Access Program

Crystal Stanford

Crystal Stanford is the Head Teacher of the Western Access Program, comprising of Peak Hill Central School, Trangie Central School, Yeoval Central School, Tottenham Central School, Tullamore Central School and Trundle Central School. In addition to her role as Head Teacher for the Access Program Crystal is the Course Coordinator Ancient History at Peak Hill Central School.

Crystal has been teaching as part of the Western Access Program for the last 11 years, as both a Course Coordinator, Co Teacher and Head Teacher. Crystal, who has been Head Teacher Access for the last five years commented, “I love my job. As part of my role, I support the delivery of Stage 6 curriculum through active supervision of programs and assessments and lead professional learning for our staff. Our program continues to excel in supporting our students to access quality education within their own community and providing all students with a range of learning experiences and opportunities.”


DE School News

Southern Cross SODE Newsletter


The VET faculty is the focus of the first term 4 edition of the Southern Cross newsletter. Articles in this newsletter include:

  • Message by the new principal, Danny Henman
  • VET faculty news – What is VET, What makes VET subjects different from others, Some of the things SCSODE does in VET, and
  • Students achieve success in HSC performance for Dance

The newsletter also provides a student calendar with important upcoming dates for students to remember.

DE Network News

DE Collegial Networks

Twenty two distance education collegial networks are currently operating across NSW for distance education. The networks all have the aim of colleagues working together on common goals that pertain to their curriculum and/or program area. Through the networks the network members and schools have greater capacity to share resources, collaboratively develop and update learning materials, target their professional learning and offer collegial support.

DE Collegial Network names and Coordinator details can be downloaded here.

Mathematics DE Collegial Network – Upcoming events

The Mathematics DE Collegial Network is meeting this week on 2 November to discuss their progress in developing stage six learning materials for Mathematics Standard 2 Year 12. The network has a designed a scope and sequence for the development of the newly created learning materials. Congratulations to all for meeting these timelines.

Early in December the network members will be meeting at Sydney DEHS to share in a professional learning day where they will continue networking and sharing with each other and look at the Assignment style assessment tasks.

For more information please contact Nina Thomas, network coordinator, on 93830400.

Meet the DE History Collegial Network Coordinator

Katie Magriplis

Katie Magriplis is an History teacher at Southern Cross School of Distance Education in Ballina. She began her teaching career as an English and History teacher at Moree Secondary College (in northwestern NSW) and was appointed to Southern Cross as an English teacher in 2011. When the opportunity arose for her to teach history in 2013, she was excited to again work with students in an area she’s very passionate about. As a member of the History faculty at Southern Cross, Katie enjoys working collaboratively with teachers from different KLAs and other areas in distance education.

In 2016, she became the NSW DE History Collegial Network Coordinator and says, “I feel very lucky to be able to lead and work with such a dynamic and enthusiastic group of head teachers and teachers from distance education schools throughout the state. 2017 has been a very challenging year for the History Network as we work towards collaboratively creating learning materials for the new Year 11 and 12 Ancient and Modern History courses (to commence from 2018). Although it’s been a big challenge, by working together, nearly all of the new Year 11 Ancient and Modern History learning materials have now been completed and shared amongst the History Network. It’s exciting to have fresh, new units to deliver to our senior students in 2018.”

Our thanks to Katie and the hard working network members for managing to collaboratively create learning materials for the new stage six curriculum whilst dealing with their core role of teaching. Well done!

Meet the DE Special Education Collegial Network Coordinator

Nancy McAndrew is a Head Teacher Support & Head Teacher Welfare and Year Adviser at Southern Cross School of Distance Education with over 10 years experience in these roles. She has taught in numerous locations beginning her career at Carinda Public followed by Junee Primary, Mallanganee Public, Weilmoringle SSP, Mogo Primary and Lord Howe Island Central. She has also taught in Dubbo, Ballina Primary, Southern Cross K-12 and is currently at Southern Cross Distance Education. Nancy’s teaching experience is broad and varied having taught as a primary teacher, secondary teacher and LaST.

Since gaining a degree in Special Education Nancy has worked with Students with Significant Support Needs and Aboriginal students and is currently teaching in Aboriginal Programs at Southern Cross SODE with a responsibility for materials to over 60 students from years 7-12. As well as being a member of the Aboriginal Education Network Nancy has taken on the relieving role of coordinator of the DE Special Education Collegial Network.

As relieving coordinator Nancy ensures information is communicated through email to all centres and coordinates the network meetings via video conference. This year she is in the process of coordinating Stage 6 Life Skills writing for the new curriculum, enabling as much as possible to be written without doubling up  and set up folders on Google drive for writers to contribute units for all to share.

We thank Nancy for taking on the role of coordinator of the Special Education Network and for coordinating the sharing and development of the learning materials for Stage Six Life Skills. A big job! Thank you!

Meet the DE English Collegial Network Coordinator

Leanne Wynne

Leanne Wynne, coordinator of the English DE Collegial Network, has been working at Dubbo School of Distance Education since 2009 and is currently relieving as Deputy Principal and is substantively the Head Teacher English/History. Prior to her appontment at Dubbo SODE she was Head Teacher English/History for nine years at Nyngan HS. Her earlier teaching experiences have been at Nyngan, Brewarrina and Weilmoringle.

For the last few years Laenne has been the coordinator of the English DE Collegial Network having been a member of the network since it began in 2012. Leanne says, “I am very fortunate to be the coordinator of this group whose work ethic is excellent and their philosophy of sharing ensures that we have high quality resources to draw on whenever a need arises.” Further she adds, “We all value the opportunity to connect through the provision of collegial networks enabled by our Rural and DE Directorate and our individual schools. Our task of preparing programs and teaching and learning materials for such an extensive range of courses and students in each of our schools would be far more difficult without the support we are able to provide one another.”

The English Distance Education Collegial network is a diverse group of creative teachers from each of the Distance Education Schools: Southern Cross, Camden Haven, Karabar, Sydney and Dubbo.

The network has been focussed and is schedule with writing for the Stronger HSC reforms and the New Stage Six English Syllabuses. A number of units have been completed and shared. They have developed a scope and sequence for Year 11 and the HSC year for each course. They are planning to meet and share their progress at Sydney Distance Education High School on 23 November prior to attending the Annual English Teachers Association Conference, which will focus on the new Stage 6 courses.


DoE News

Public Schools NSW Operational and Directorate Contacts

Are you looking for contact details for staff in public schools offices? If so, please down load; Operational Directorates Principal Networks and Learning and Teaching Directorate.

Other News

Thinking about “What If” or the “Big Picture”

Darcy Moore, Deputy Principal Dapto HS presented DNA: Personalising the Curriculum at the WHAT IFEmbracing complexity through curriculum conference which has reinvigorated his strongly held belief that we need to make some profoundly important changes to our approach to educating young people about their “personal data”. The presentation was based on his experiences of teaching Big History, opportunities provided by a Premier’s Scholarship and many years of teaching/promoting digital citizenship.

Darcy is hoping to stimulate discussion about some of the recommendations here: and would welcome your comments at the post, by email or phone.

For further information please contact Darcy Moore on 02 4261 1416.


Twitter iconTwitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

International Society for Technology in Education


Universal design for Learning

Common Sense Education


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