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“An educated, enlightened and informed population is one of the surest ways of promoting the health of a democracy.” – Nelson Mandela

Rural and Remote Conference 2017

Register now for the Rural and Remote Conference, 7 – 8 September in Sydney.

The Rural and Remote Education Conference is run by educators with a passion for rural education, for educators in rural and remote communities. Our rural communities stretch from the coast, across the mountains and way out along the plains and further west.

This year the conference will include 28 workshops, 9 spotlight sessions with innovative schools, 3 Aboriginal education spotlights and one interactive interest based network session.

For more information visit the conference website.

AADES Information


AADES has recently updated its website and is working hard to populate it with news articles from distance education schools from across Australasia. There have already been a couple of great articles from NSW which showcase the great work of our distance education schools.

ADDES welcomes you to contribute articles and photos to the newsletter. If you would like to do this please forward your articles for publishing to Daniel Rattigan.

We would really like to see as many NSW teachers as possible subscribing to the AADES site for news updates. This is a fabulous way to gain a view of what is happening in distance education across Australia and Australasia, to make connections and to showcase and share your stories.

For more information please contact Daniel Rattigan, Deputy Principal Sydney Distance Education High School, (02) 9383 0304.

Access Program News

Western Access Program News

In week 4 Western Access Program conducted their combined Year 11 Senior Science and Year 11 Biology Excursion. Some amazing photographs were taken too.

Feel free to download and include them by accessing the Western Access Program Facebook page

For more information, please contact Crystal Stanford Head Teacher Western Access Program on 0438 475 880.


DE School News

 Sheri Hennessy, Sharon Hodgson and Greg Armstrong

Southern Cross School of Distance Education – Stronger Smarter!

Staff at Southern Cross SODE enjoyed a great professional learning exercise recently when they participated in “Stronger Smarter” training. As Greg Armstrong, relieving principal, said, “Stronger Smarter was one of the greatest PL opportunities I have had for a good while.”

For more information please contact Greg Armstrong at Southern Cross SODE, 02 66810310.

Student Success for young composer – Southern Cross SODE

Tilly Jones

In June, the exceptional young composer from Lismore, Tilly Jones, was invited to work with the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) as part of their ACO Move Program. Ten young adults with disabilities came together for four sessions with facilitator Dean Watson to create a performance piece that was presented on Tuesday 20 June in the ACO Studio. Tilly lent three of her pieces to the ACO so that participants could create movement in response to her music. Fifteen year old Tilly studies through Southern Cross Distance Education and the Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Music, plays four different instruments and has been composing since she was aged nine. ACO Violinist, Maja Savnik, worked with Tilly to develop her ideas as they workshopped her music which was then performed by a quartet of ACO musicians. Tilly also formed a relationship with writer and spoken word artist, Emily Dash, and they worked together so that Emily could write a poem based on Tilly’s music.

Tilly Jones and orchestra friends

“When I first got the email from Dean earlier this year about the ACO wanting to use my music for the ACO Move program, it was quite a shock to me! … It is very very rare that you find a major orchestra so willing and wanting to involve people with disabilities into their work.

It was a great experience for me and really opened new perceptions on disability for me. Seeing the participants engage with the music and bring new ideas to it was a really heartwarming experience.

Tilly and the orchestra

It was also absolutely amazing to hear my compositions played by the ACO musicians and to have their feedback. There is a huge difference between hearing it on a computer and hearing it played by live musicians.  I sincerely hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with the ACO again as I loved working with them on the ACO Move program.“ Tilly Jones.

Photographs courtesy of ACO – Patrick Boland – used with permission.

​Would you like to know more about Tilly? Read the transcript from her interview.

For more information about music opportunities at Southern Cross SODE please contact Sharon Mwanza, Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts Southern Cross K-12 School, 02 6681 0300.

DE Network News

DE Collegial Science Network

Biology Head Teacher, Matthew Cartwright and writing staff met on 24 July to discuss the progress of material writing. They discussed the deadline of submitting the finished work for editing and proofreading. It was decided that by week five the materials will be uploaded on DE SCIENCE drive. Between weeks five and eight a critical friend will review/proofread/make comments. The network members paired up between Southern Cross SODE, Dubbo SODE, Camden Haven HS and Sydney DEHS.

The same is happening in Chemistry with Karabar DEC and Dubbo SODE pairing to review module one and two, while Investigating science Head Teacher, Leath Swierenga informed us that the draft work is almost complete and the writing teachers will be reviewing/editing the work soon.

Aiden Stelling, Physics Head Teacher, is working with his team to complete their modules.

Michael Marusic is working closely with Victor and Shireen to get E&E completed.

Biology teachers decided to follow a standardised formatting system to allow easier adaptation for each school and save time. The template will be available on the drive for anyone to use.

Please contact Meraj Qamaruddin, Network Coordinator, for more information, or indeed to offer support. Meraj can also be contacted on 02 6210 5200.

DE Collegial PDHPE Network news

Richard Mills, DE Collegial PDHPE Network Coordinator is planning a tele conference with the other distance education schools. The network is planning towards the introduction of the new syllabus. As a collective they will take a ‘stocktake’ of what and how the school’s are delivering to their students. This will drive a discussion for the network to come to a consensus as to the actions to be taken by the network.

For more information, please contact DE Collegial PDHPE Network Coordinator, Richard Mills at Southern Cross School, 02 6681 0341.


Twitter iconTwitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)


Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership


International Society for Technology in Education



Universal design for Learning


Common Sense Education



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