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“The expert in anything was once a beginner” – Anon


Distance Education News

AADES Conference – “Connecting is Learning”

The AADES Conference, “Connecting is Learning”, is being conducted this week in Adelaide on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 August. Teachers and education support personal from NSW Distance Education schools and State Office, as well as their colleagues from across Australia and Australasia will be presented with current and new pedagogies to engage distance education students.

Keynote Speakers

  • Lee Watanabe Crockett
  • Michael McQueen
  • Martin Westwell

Conference Themes

  • activating student connections in learning
  • activating student voice
  • activating innovation in learning

In addition to hearing from the three world renowned keynote speakers, the delegates will engage in four workshops over the two day period of the conference. See below for a sample of the workshop selections:

  •  “Future -focussed Learning”
  • “Empowering distance learning through interaction and collaboration”
  • “Designing for Success in the Online Environment”
  • “Developing student cognition in distance education”
  • “Student Connectedness = student success”
  • “Wellbeing and student success”
  • “Student Leadership: Distant voices”, and
  • STEM: The BBC microbit STEM initiative

The biannual AADES conference always provides the attendees with outstanding professional learning and great opportunities to network with teachers who are focussed on distance education.

Rural and Remote Conference 2017

Register now for the Rural and Remote Conference, 7-8 September in Sydney.

The Rural and Remote Education Conference is run by educators with a passion for rural education, for educators in rural and remote communities. Our rural communities stretch from the coast, across the mountains and way out along the plains and further west.

This year the conference will include 28 workshops, nine spotlight sessions with innovative schools, three Aboriginal education spotlights and one interactive interest based network session.

For more information Visit the conference website.

Access Program News

The Access Program involves 21 rural central schools, grouped into five clusters, to enable them to utilise collaborative technologies and strategies to share the delivery of stage six curriculum to their students. By sharing curriculum delivery across schools, cohort numbers are larger and students have a greater curriculum choice. In addition, those students who may otherwise have left their community to attend school in a larger centre are able to stay in their own communities to finish their schooling.

For more information about the Access Program please ring Kimberely Hill, Advisor Rural and Distance Education, on 02 6334 8064.

Distance Education in NSW

Who can attend?

The New South Wales Department of Education provides distance education for students living in NSW who are isolated or are experiencing special circumstances that prevent them from attending school on a regular basis. Provision is also available to students unable to access an appropriate curriculum in their school.

Distance education in NSW is not a provision of choice for students with enrolment through adherence to the rigorous criteria procedures. Distance education is governed by the same policies that apply to all government schools with an expectation that attendance and student engagement occurs on a regular basis.

Refer to the contact list of distance education schools for their details. For futher information please contact David McLeod, Coordinator Rural and Distance Education, 02 6334 8072.

DE School News

Southern Cross SODE newsletter

Southern Cross History Faculty

In this edition of this Southern Cross SODE newsletter, you will read articles about:

  • The History Faculty and student activities, and
  • Opportunities that are available for students

Please contact Greg Armstrong, Relieving Principal, Southern Cross SODE on 02 6681 0300.


Sydney Distance Education High School – Student DJ


Junior high school student, Sol Lehmann, is completing his Year 8 studies as well as working as a professional DJ. Sol is excited about his new radio show, “The Young Ones”, which began a few weeks ago.

We are excited for Sol and congratulate him on his success.


DE Network News

DE Computing Studies Network – News Update

The Computing Studies Network has been updating the Year 11 and 12 Industrial Technology Multimedia course. Thank you to Pam Kelly, who has taken on the task of updating the materials.

A Computing Studies Network meeting will be conducted in Term 4. The venue, date, time and agenda will be provided at a later date.

Eamon Gormley, Network Coordinator, is making a “call out” to distance education Computing Studies teachers to get in touch with him. He would like to create a mailing list of Computing Studies teachers so that he can share news of the network and share resources.

For morte information, please contact Eamon Gormley, Network Coordinator, 02 9383 0384.

DE English Network News

With the demands and implementation timeline pressures of the new stage 6 English syllabus the DE English network members are busy writing, editing and peer reviewing their course materials and resources. To assist them in this major task they are considering utilising the teachers who have writing skills to fill the gaps in developed resources and courses.

Please contact Network Coordinator, Leanne Wynne on 02 5804 7000, for further information.

DE Collegial Music Network – Opportunity to connect with Australian Chamber Orchestra

The DE Music Network has a wonderful opportunity to connect with the ACO (Australian Chamber Orchestra).

Vicky Norton – ACO Education Program Manager would like to connect with our DE Music Collegiate Network re the  ACO and future projects and possibilities of directions for the ACO to develop projects linking with music education in rural and remote NSW.  As Vicky comments, “The ACO currently has an extensive regional education program in NSW that we’d like to build upon. Our regional touring orchestra, ACO Collective, regularly performs all over the state. We would also like to explore the possibilities of expanding our access program activities in regional NSW to connect with other students like Tilly.”​​

Vicky Norton from the ACO has accepted to present to the:

Distance Education Music Collegiate Network via video conference during Week 10 of Term 3 (the week starting  18 September).  (After the HSC Performance is over!)

Contact Sharon Mwanza via email at or via phone on 02 66810442 to indicate your interest. Video conference date and time will be confirmed after interest levels are established.

Vicky will share with the network about the ACO and their various programs, industry insights, give us direct access to some of their touring musicians (maybe even a live performance for our video conference!) and seek our input. This is a wonderful opportunity to build some industry links and gain some valuable professional development.

Want to know more about the ACO? 

Please contact Sharon Mwanza, Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts Southern Cross K-12 School, Distance Education on 02 6681 0442 to indicate your interest in being a part of opportunity.

Department of Education –  Curriculum News

English news – Years 7-12

Please refer to the link eNewsletter, Issue 5, 2017 to read about current English news.

To access more information please contact, Prue Greene, English Advisor 7-12, Secondary Education.

Digital Learning Resources Survey

Have your say – Digital Learning Resources

Teachers are encouraged to contribute their ideas on the resources they use and that are appropriate to their field of work.

To contribute your views please go to

For more information please contact Lisa Tonkin, Senior Editor, Learning and Business Systems, 02 9266 8565.

Twitter iconTwitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)


Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership


International Society for Technology in Education



Universal design for Learning


Common Sense Education



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