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DE School News


NSW School of Languages – new executive appointments

Congratulations to Sana Zreika who has been appointed to the position of Relieving Deputy Principal at NSW School of Languages until the end of 2017.

Sana comes to the school from the Learning and Teaching Directorate in Oxford Street where she has been working as the Languages Advisor and brings a wealth of experience in Language teaching – including at the Saturday School of Community Languages.

Sana has worked deeply on curriculum design and syllabus writing and has extensive networks in the languages community.

The principal,  Hilary Hughes is pleased to welcome Sana to NSW School of Languages and is looking forward to showing her the wonderful work done at the school.

Congratulations also to Tomako Takahata who will work in an additional Deputy role for two days per week until the end of the year.

Congratulations to Cate Chapple

Cate Chapple, Deputy Principal NSW School of Languages, has accepted a position at the Saturday School of Languages, as relieving principal. Cate’s steady hand and vast leadership experiences will be an asset in her new position.

Congratulations, Cate. We will miss you in distance education.

Pleased with their efforts

First Robotics Program at Dubbo SODE

Macquarie University’s First Robotics program was held at Dubbo School of Distance Education over three days, during the school’s junior residential. The workshop was presented by Electrical and Software Engineers Luan and Sarah Heimlich together with Science Head Teacher Andreas and science teacher Don Bates.

More information about this article can be read here.

RDE team visit Dubbo School of Distance Education

Kimberley Hill, Relieving RDE Advisor and Kym Knight, RDE Project Officer visited Dubbo SODE during week 4 and had an enjoyable and productive day meeting with the principal, assistant principals, preschool teachers, distance education network coordinators and the supervisor of the National School for Travelling Show Children.

Whilst at the school they also took the opportunity to observe students participating in the activities occuring at the residential school. Students from preschool age through to Year 12 attend the residentials, enjoying their time with their peers and catching up with their teachers.

Kimberely and Kym would like to thank the staff at the school for their friendly welcome and their time.


DE Network News

Aboriginal Education DE Collegial Network update

The Conference planned for this term has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for Term 3. Further information will be made available soon.

Sharon Keyte, network coordinator, and the network members would like to grow the network. With this in mind they are seeking ideas to ensure the network focus is relevant to the network members.

Please contact Sharon Keyte, Network Coordinator and Head Teacher HSIE & Curriculum Support at Dubbo School of Distance Education. Sharon can be contacted on 02 5804 7040.

Science DE Collegial Network news

Science network members met in week 4 and continued their discussions and decision making related to the writing of new learning materials for the new science curriculum for Years 11 and 12 students.

Meraj Quamaruddin, network coordinator, also shared information about the mEsh (Maths, English, Science and History) conference conducted by state office advisors to support the writing and implementation of the new Stage Six curriculum for those key learning areas. Meraj attended the conference along with History, English and Maths DE Coordinators and leading teachers from across the state.

For more information please contact Meraj Quamaruddin, Science DE Collegial Network Coordinator at Karabar DE on 6210 5200.

Mathematics DE Collegial Network news

The members of the network met via video conference last Thursday, 25 May and discussed further the activities they have planned for 2017, including:

  • Training with UNSW topics and dates
  • Standard course prelim booklets – feedback
  • Critical friend  and roles
  • Accessability requirements and learning materials considerations

The network’s major focus is managing the writing of new stage six mathematics standard learning materials and implementation timelines of the new syllabus.

For further information please contact Network Coordinator Nina Thomas, teacher at Sydney DEHS, on 9383 0443.​


Twitter iconTwitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

International Society for Technology in Education


Universal design for Learning

Common Sense Education


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