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“Give the world your best, and the best will come back to you.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

AADES Conference – Connecting to Learning – calling for workshop presenters

The Conference Committee is calling on educators from across Australasia to present workshops of 90 mins in duration. It is expected that the workshops will be interactive, engaging and related to the conference themes of:

  • activating student connections in learning
  • activating student voice
  • activating innovation in learning

NB: All applications must be completed and returned by email to the Conference Committee  by Friday, 26 May 2017.

DE School News

Southern Cross School Distance Education newsletter

Articles to read in this newsletter edition are:

  • Focus on English
  • Camp 2017 information
  • Opportunities available for students, and
  • HSC minimum standard Year 9 advice for parents and students

DE Network News

DE History Collegial Network news

The DE History Collegial Network members have a busy few terms ahead of them managing the demands of writing learning materials for the new Ancient and Modern History stage six syllabus.

The network has met and established a schedule to collaboratively write new courses for Modern and Ancient History. Timelines, writers and resources have been agreed upon and teachers are now preparing for the writing of the materials.

Please contact network coordinator, Katie Magripilis, at Southern Cross School Distance Education for more information. Katie’s contact number is 66810300.

DE Languages Collegial Network news

The Languages network met late last term to discuss their goals, plans, activities and resource development for 2017.

The network is planning to conduct a 2 day workshop with 2 working groups to;

  • develop a stage 5 framework for writing course materials in Chinese and Japanese.
  • Identify areas of need for new syllabus.
  • Begin writing units, and
  • Identifying the Perspectives – Intercultural Learning is the big focus.

For further information, please contact network coordinator Michelle Marotte. Michelle can be contacted at Camden haven HS on 65568100.

DE Special Education Collegial Network news

The Special Education network is also focused on addressing the writing needs of the 4 new stage 6 curriculum areas – English, Science, Mathematics and History, with a Life Skills component.

The network will conduct a review of the writing that is already being undertaken by schools in order to identify what needs to be done. In identifying the gaps, the network can take a coordinated approach and work together on writing the materials and courses that haven’t been covered at a local school level.

Nancy McAndrew, relieving network coordinator, can be contacted at Southern Cross School Distance Education on 66810300 for further information.


DEC Curriculum News

Stage 6 mEsh

With the pressing demands on teachers of the implementation and impending timelines of new stage six curriculum for Mathematics, English, Science and History Secondary Curriculum are offering a two day conference for teachers to come together with state office curriculum advisors and educational services teams. Teachers will establish writing teams and work with curriculum advisors to develop a range of support materials to assist teachers with new and unfamiliar aspects of the syllabuses.

Distance Education Collegial network coordinators for Maths, English, Science and History will be attending the mEsh conference, gaining invaluable support, insights and access to broader networks and resources.

Twitter iconTwitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

International Society for Technology in Education


Universal design for Learning

Common Sense Education


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