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DE School News

Karabar Distance Education is “Supporting Excellence at the Highest Level”

Karabar Distance Education Centre (KDEC) over several years has had a very successful education partnership with Tennis Australia’s High Performance program. Numerous athletes within this partnership have gone on to be internationally recognised players, whilst others have gone on to receive scholarships to study in the overseas US college system pursuing both playing and higher education.

To read the full article please view here.

With thanks to Mr Leon Carriage, PDHPE Teacher, Karabar Distance Education Centre for submitting this article.

Hay SOTA students visit Government House

On Monday 27th February, nine excited students in Years 2 – 6, Mrs Trish McGufficke, Mr Bill Ryan and Mrs Samantha Davies, all from Hay School of the Air, made their way to Sydney for a three day excursion, taking the rural kids to the big smoke. The excursion was organised on an invitation from His Excellency the Honourable Governor Hurley and Mrs Hurley, inviting the students and staff to visit Government House. This was also extended by the generosity of Harvey Gaynor, CEO of Auscott, offering the use of the Auscott charter plane to travel to Sydney from Hay. Mrs Davies, Mr Ryan and six students were lucky enough to fly to Sydney from Hay, which for one student was the first time he’d flown in his life. Mrs McGufficke and three students travelled from Griffith Airport as there wasn’t enough room on the plane for everyone.

On Monday, the students walked around the city, taking in the cityscape, the noise, the smells and the masses of people and visited Government House, the Sydney Eye Tower and the Sydney Observatory where they enjoyed learning about the stars, the planets and objects in space. On Tuesday they explored Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay before boarding a ferry to Cockatoo Island for exploration of the machines of the past.

The Aquarium was next, with a ferry ride to Darling Harbour, where the students liked seeing dugongs, sharks and penguins. Tuesday night was a special night, as the group made their way to Hyde Park Barracks, where they were locked into the Barracks, after opening hours, were given a convict shirt, a convict name, an occupation and a sentence for their crime.

The students were guided by two guides who told stories of convicts, police and Governors of the time, the occupations of people in the colony, the hardships faced by convicts and the games they played. They were also taught slang used by the convicts, in which the one word that captured the student’s attention was the word ‘nancy’, meaning ‘backside’. They were treated to a rationed dinner and were put to bed in hammocks, in the same room that was used by the convicts 200 years ago.

On Wednesday morning the group walked to the Auscott Head Office, dodging the rain, to learn about what happens at Auscott and meet CEO Harvey Gaynor. They then enjoyed a train ride over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Auscott Classing Cotton Centre where they learnt about what happens to the cotton after it is ginned and before it is sent overseas. It was then home time and nine weary students, one tired parent and two exhausted teachers, all still smiling, left the city to travel back home. Hay School of the Air would like to sincerely thank Harvey Gaynor for the generosity in being able to fly to and from Sydney to Hay in their chartered plane. This opportunity and support from Auscott was the major deciding factor in allowing our school to be able to have an excursion to Sydney and give the students all these amazing educational and life experiences.

Hay SOTA would also like to thank Governor Hurley for his invitation to visit Government House, the Hyde Park Barracks for an exceptional experience as a convict and Cockatoo Island staff for a fantastic tour. We would also like to thank Hay Shire Council for supporting the excursion with a donation to help with transport whilst in the city, and the Hay SOTA P&C for all the fundraising and the payment of the excursion, allowing us to give our students this amazing opportunity.

Thank you to Samantha Davies, Assistant Principal, Hay SOTA for providing this artricle.

DE Network News

Primary Network Update

Last Thursday, 9 March, the Primary DE Collegial network meeting was conducted for primary principals and members of their executive. Topics covered were:

  • Sharing what’s new at your school/events/celebrations
  • Sydney Distance Education Public School Maths update
  • Use of DETALE and goals for schools to upload a unit of learning for each Stage within “English”
  • Google Apps – Use and successes
  • Sharing of learning programs

For additional information please contact Samantha Davies, Assistant Principal, Hay School of the Air on 02 6993 1882.

Distance Education Enrolment Officers Meeting

Distance Education Enrolment Officers met with David McLeod, Coordinator RDE and Kimberley Hill, Officer RDE on Tuesday 7 March. Topics discussed at thsi meeting were:

  • Procedures 2017 changes and current issues
  • new web location based on the GEF framework and new layout to meet web accessibility requirements
  • walk through of the latest DE Procedures document d
  • statutory declarations for travelling families
  • role of educational services team in 2.8 and 2.9 enrolments (Eloise, and Southern Cross)
  • status of the 2.9 share and category 2.10
  •  Single Course exceptional circumstances enrolments
  • enrolment dates for single course (25 Nov/15 Feb- being used as a firm date with non-government schools)
  • report on current 2017 data

David McLeod, Coordinator Rural and Distance Education cabn be contacted on 63348062 for more information.

DoE Curriulumm News

Skills and Thrills Careers Showcase

If you are looking to raise awareness to your students of interesting careers you may be interested in your students attending this great production. It may assist your students in their career planning.

The following locations are offering Skills and Thrills Careers Showcases:

Merimbula/Bega Shire

  • Date: Monday 15th May
  • Location: The Picture Show Man, 80 Main Street, Merimbula.
  • Session times: 9:30-10:30, 11:00-12:00, 12:30-13:30


  • Date: Wednesday 17th May.
  • Location: Regent Cinema, 456 Dean Street, Albury.
  • Session times: 9:30-10:30, 11:00-12:00


  • Date: Friday 19th May
  • Location: Roxy Cinema, 41 Berry Street, Nowra
  • Session times: 9:30-10:30, 11:00-12:00, 12:30-13:30


  • Date: Tuesday 30th May
  • Location: Ballina Fair Cinemas, 47/84 Kerr St, Ballina
  • Session times: 9:30-10:30, 11:00-12:00, 12:30-13:30


  • Date: Wednesday 31st May
  • Location: Saraton Theatre, 99 Prince Street, Grafton
  • Session times: 9:30-10:30, 11:00-12:00

Please contact Kristin Casey, General Manager Skillsone Television for furrther information. Kristin can be contacted on 02 80800111.


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