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“It’s not WHAT we have in life….but WHO we have in life that matters” – Unknown

DE News

The AADES webinar by the Northern Territory School of Distance Education was very interesting. We ahve been provided with a copy for you to view. Please view at

For more information about this video or AADES please contact Daniel Rattigan, Deputy Principal at SydneDEHS on (02) 93830304.

DE School News

principals-network-award-oct-2016-julie-kennedyAcknowledgement of great work!

We extend our congratulations to Julie Kennedy, Deputy Principal Sydney DEHS, who was recently presented with the “Principals Network Awards 2016” for the Ultimo Operational Directorate. Julie was acknowledged for the “Significant Achievement as a School Executive.” Julie was proud to receive the award  and said it was “thanks to her great school leader –  Mark Piddington – who is so inspirational”.

The RDE team think Julie is inspirational! They enjoy a close working relationship with Julie and value and appreciate her support, advice and assistance.

Tianna Koolloos

Tianna Koolloos

DE student features in the School Spectacular

Tianna Koolloos, from Cromer in Sydney, studies through Sydney Distance Education High School so that she can concentrate on developing her exceptional dance talents. Tianna was a Featured Dancer in the Schools Spectacular.

This years School Spectacular was described by one of our colleagues as “outstanding – the best ever”. The show had over 5300 performers including a 2,700-strong choir; 2,300 dancers; an 80-piece symphony orchestra; a world-class stage band; and more than 40 Featured Artists.

Read here for more information regarding the School Spectacular.

Success Stories at Southern Cross School of DE

Teaching with Office 2016 – WORD

Congratulations to Garry Somerville RE: Course “Teaching with Office 2016 – WORD”. This course, which Garry devised from scratch, titled “Teaching with Office 2016 – WORD” has been reviewed and registered by the Department of Education Course Registration Committee (CRC).  The course code number is RG00521. This will now appear in the list of Courses in the My PL@Edu system, and is available to be scheduled as an event. We are looking forward to being part of this training in the near future.

gallery-of-student-art-workSouthern Cross SDE Gallery – Proud moment!

Yes – Southern Cross DE has their our own Gallery. Congratulations to the CAPA teachers who have brought this initiative forward to have SCDE student artwork displayed throughout the school. The school’s aim is to welcome all students, parents and staff to DE with our students’ own work.

Photo of Isaiah making damper under the ‘close’ eye of Angela and Sue

Photo of Isaiah making damper under the ‘close’ eye of Angela and Sue

Creating successful futures

The Ngulingah boys had an amazing day at the Nimbin Hills immersed in their history, culture and language by Elder Gilbert. They learnt so many things but the important theme was to be proud of their ancestry and who they are now and above all show Respect. The teachers learnt a lot as well.


Students in YYGS participate in small, elective seminars led by Yale graduate and undergraduate student instructors.

Students in YYGS participate in small, elective seminars led by Yale graduate and undergraduate student instructors.

DE Network News

GATS News – Learning Opportunity

Yale Young Global Scholars Launches 2017 Application with Two New Sessions

The 2017 application for the Yale Young Global Scholars Program (YYGS) is now available! YYGS is an academic enrichment and leadership development program that brings together outstanding high school students from around the world for intensive two-week sessions on the Yale campus. In 2016, YYGS hosted over 1,300 students from over 100 different countries.

“YYGS exemplified how young men and women from around the world can bring the world together in empathy and cooperation,” said Leon Tsai, a 2016 YYGS Politics, Law, and Economics student. “As the next generation of leaders, we can step up and make the world a better place.”

YYGS is excited to offer two new sessions in 2017. Yale Young Global Scholars Launches 2017 Application yale-young-global-scholars-launches-2017-application for more information.

The Geography DE Collegial network is pumping!

Geography network members in Sydney for a network meetingThe NEW mandatory syllabus to be rolled out into year 7 and year 9 for 2016 has been a major focus of the network this year. The network members have been working on developing and sharing resources (Camden Haven / SDEHS / Dubbo and Southern Cross).

This has been a really great collaborative exercise!

The Geography network share resources and written materials and then adapt them to their own settings. Now they have to embrace the new elective stage 4 syllabus which also comes into play next year- more writing!!

Gina Lockton, network member commented, “Sally Egan, Network Coordinator, has been instrumental in this great collaboration and it would be good to give her some recognition for this…”.

Thank you“Great work, Sally! You and your network members have done a remarkable job, in such a short time, to collaborate on sharing and writing learning materials for the new curriculum. This has occurred through outstanding skills at “drawing together” a motivated and enthusiastic network of geography teachers and determining with them priorities, timelines and actions.” Kym Knight, Advisor Rural and Distance Education, also added, “The RDE team values the collaborations and sharing of resources of the DE schools and the DE Collegial networks.”

For more information, please contact Sally Egan, Geography DE Collegial Network Coordinator, on 58047000.

Twitter iconTwitterspheric professional learning

Twitter is a quick and easy tool for participating in and/ or building a Professional Learning Network. To learn more about using twitter for professional learning, download the The Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide.  Below are some of Twitter feeds we hope you find worthwhile!  Why not tweet us about what other networks you would like us to highlight!





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