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“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” T.S Elliot

DE School News

Upcoming events

Distance Education Primary Leaders are in preparation mode to deliver a presentation at the ICPA conference being conducted in Broken Hill in March. As well as a presentation on distance education there will also be an information table, manned by DE staff, providing information on primary and secondary distance education for geographically isolated rural students.

DE Network News

Geography: From the Ground Up”GTA NSW is organising a two day Dubbo Regional Conference ‘Geography: From the Ground Up’ on Thursday, 5 March and Friday, 6 March 2015 at Dubbo RSL, Corner Brisbane & Wingewarra Streets, Dubbo.

This conference is designed to assist those teaching Geography for the first time or returning to Geography teaching. Teachers will be engaged in Geographic Skills workshops that will be utilised in the classroom. Geographic skills are essential in engaging students in critical thinking about the world in which they live. Presentations and workshops on Geographic Information Systems will provide attendees with a range of ICT strategies that will be used to engage students in Geography learning experiences.

Please refer to the GTA conference flyer and the brief conference outline for further details.

If requiring further details please contact Geography DE Collegial Network Coordinator, Sally Egan on 58047000.

Alternatively, you could contact Shreela Pradhan, Coordinator, DRAMA NSW; GTA on 02 97160378 or

DEC Curriculum News

Consultation for the English K -10 Concept Continuum for the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum

This important joint project of DEC and the English Teachers’ Association is designed to support English teachers implementing the K-10 English Curriculum with the focus on developing their students’ understanding of the concepts of English. The continuum describes a progression of the concepts of English stated in, and implied in, the syllabus content at each stage of learning. The continuum may be used to guide programming, teaching and assessment.

Teachers, Head Teachers and Curriculum Leaders are invited to attend consultation meetings to participate in workshops and discussions that will explain the Concept Continuum and its uses so that they may contribute to shaping the implementation in schools.

For further information please read the EOI Consultation form.

Contact Prue green, English Advisor, Secondary Education on 02 92668148 or

 HSIE 7-12 Newsletter

It will be a busy year for HSIE with the:

  • introduction of AC history for years 8 and 10
  • trialling of AC history K-6 in some schools
  • release of a new geography syllabus,

Some articles in this Secondary HSIE newsletter 2015 are:

  • BOSTES Geography K-12 and History K-12 syllabus updates
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Useful links/resources
  • Cross-curriculum priorities areas
  • Competitions

For further information please contact Pete Wilson, History Advisor – Australian Curriculum, Secondary Education on 02 92668491 or

Around the traps

300 Potential Teachers

This YouTube remix of a clip from the movie 300 is certainly worth a watch. As the clips asks, “Are you ready for the school year? Do you have what it takes? Are you prepared?”  I wonder what other movies we could remix?

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