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“When performance exceeds ambition, the overlap is called success.” – Cullen Hightower

DE School News

Bourke-Walgett SODE ‘Snaps’ up the prizes

Students from Bourke Walgett School of Distance Education took out two of the three categories that were awarded prizes in this year’s Snap photographic competition. The judging committee really enjoyed looking at their photos as well as reading the artist statements about what being happy looks like in the student’s local rural community!

  • Stage 1: ‘Running Race’ by Logan from Nashdale Public School
  • Stage 2: ‘After the Rain’ by Millie from Bourke Walgett School of Distance Education
  • Stage 3: ‘Rain’ by Max from Bourke Walgett School of Distance Education

We are sure that the winners will be really happy when they receive  their prize of an iPad Mini!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Jude and Xavier in the kitchen

Jude and Xavier in the kitchen

Camden Haven DE Mini School news

On the 8th-10th October this term 12 distance education students from far and wide attended the “Connected Learning” themed mini school at Camden Haven High School. The theme was based on getting connected to technology to assist with learning and getting connected socially with peers and teachers. Both of these goals were surpassed. Social opportunities are extremely important for distance education students due to isolation, lack of organised activities and independent learning so it was truly wonderful to see some friendships begin and thrive.

The agenda for the mini school included face to face lessons for both junior and senior students. Students participated in art, woodwork, personal development  and food technology lessons as well as sessions aimed at improving their study  and writing skills. Supervisors were not left out, and Mr Lyttle, Mr Canterbury and Mr Gray provided useful sessions to support supervisors.

Students and supervisors not only participated in lessons but also a wide range of social activities. Ms Glase, Ms Navan,  Mr Squires and Mr Lyttle joined the students on a Hastings River sunset cruise, a Billabong zoo excursion… which inspired one of the students  to study Animal Handling at TAFE next year. By the end of the careers session Jasmine had completed  three applications for her local TAFE campuses. Another  highlight was the laser tag excursion , where some students got to put their teachers in their targets.

Amy and Mrs Nichols

Amy and Mrs Nichols

Emma and Wallaby

Emma and Wallaby

Below is a note left anonymously by one of the distance education students. This note not only provides teachers with positive reinforcement that they are doing a good job, it motivates teachers to continue working for their students knowing that they do make a difference at Camden Haven High School.

“I have just loved this school. I love distance education and I love mini schools. Thank you for doing this. I have just overcome a huge anxiety “thing” and this school has given me a lot of confidence within myself. About 6 months ago I couldn’t get out of the house, I was scared and it was just so stupid when I look back on it but thank you a lot this school is great”.

DE Network News

Special Education DE Collegial Network

The Special Education Network is meeting at Sydney Distance Education High School on November 21 with representatives from a number of the larger schools attending.

Neal Crocker from BOSTES will be a special guest at this meeting. He will explain some of the changes to the Disability Provisions application process. They will also spend time sharing resources and planning how to get more resources uploaded to Equella.

If you would like to attend this meeting please contact Christine Cato by phone 9383 0296 or her email

Careers DE Collegial Network

All those interested in joining or contributing to the delivery of Careers by distance are welcome to join our videoconference next Friday. A  host of issues will be discussed, such as TVET, EAS applications, transitioning of students with disabilities and any matters that participants choose to discuss. Their will be an opportunity to book in future forums to share ideas and hopefully solve problems that may arise in the future.

Whether you are a Careers Adviser or just an interested individual please feel free to join in the discussion at 11:30am next Friday the 31st of October. To join the videoconference simply dial: 600858705.

For further information please contact Brett Hall, coordinator of the Careers DE Collegial Network. Brett can be contacted at Sydney DEHS on 93830200.

DEC Curriculum News

English K-6 eNewsletter

In the current edition of the English K-6 October Newsletter you will find:

  • English Units – Something to consider
  • Handwriting: We still need to explicitly teach it
  • Free TRIAL: Interactive e-books
  • In the classroom

For more information please contact Elizabeth Williams, Relieving Advisor, English K-6.

English 7-12

Four new sites have been added to the Prescriptions page, .There will be more to come!

If you desire more information please contact Prue Greene, English Advisor 7-12, Secondary Education, on (02) 9266 8148.

HSIE 7-12

The Secondary HSIE team is inviting educators to become involved in producing exemplar resources in order to assist other teachers. Please view the Stage 4 and Stage 5 EOI’s, outlining the projects. They will also appear in SchoolBiz over the next few weeks.

For more information please contact Alana Ellis, Relieving HSIE Advisor 7-12 on 92668491.

HSIE teachers: Graduate Certificate in Teaching Asia

Scholarships are currently being advertised for the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Asia through the Australian National University for 2015. Applications close Friday 14 November, 2014.

The scholarship will fund course fees to complete the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Asia Program through the Australian National University (maximum 2 courses per semester).

The scholarship covers all University tuition fees, relief days to attend intensive seminars and travel expenses for non-metro teachers,(around $15, 000). It is part time and is delivered by video conference and online learning modules.

  • This program provides students with a broad introduction both to the study of Asia as well as to the teaching of Asia in their classrooms. Through this program students will gain an understanding of cultural, political, linguistic, historical and societal issues that pertain to Asia, as well as an understanding of how to teach these issues to their primary and high school pupils. All permanent primary teachers and secondary teachers of Creative Arts, English, Languages or HSIE. The Studies of Asia Graduate Certificate Scholarship provides support to undertake further education that will lead to an improvement in student learning outcomes about studies of Asia.
  • Teaching and learning activities will be developed as a result of completing the graduate certificate. On successful completion of the Scholarship program, teachers will graduate with the award of Graduate Certificate in Teaching Asia. This can qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) toward a Masters of Education (Studies of Asia).

Details of the program, including an information pack are available at

For  additional information, please contact Barbara Schaffer, NALSSP Officer on telephone 02 9266 8576 or .! News

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