Welcome to our new site

Published on: Author: Greg Alchin

Many thanks to the team at CampusPress for making sure the changeover to our new server went smoothly. We are excited by the features CampusPress has on offer.

Our new site is mobile friendly and works best on modern browsers, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher).

New features include

Going Mobile which provides:

  1. Information on utilising iOS based devices to transform learning.
  2. IT management strategies supporting the use of mobile devices in a BYOD learning environment

Learning Experience Design which provides:

  1. Information on understanding why learners act in certain ways when interacting with technology.
  2. Design strategies to build and sustain engagement of learners using the digital resources you create.

Our  site still  hosts a collection of the great resources that were developed by NSW teachers and consultants involved with the NSW Country Areas Program during the time of the program. These resources are now available only as a zipped archives for download, use  and re-purpose in your classroom under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported License.

Please note if you decide to download and use these resources  that they need updating to meet the new requirements of NSW Syllabuses for the Australian curriculum

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